Centimetres Inches
38 15
40 15.7
42 16.5
45 17.7
50 19.7
60 23.6
65 25.6
70 27.6
75 29.5
80 31.5
90 35.4

Marigold chokers come in one size only and are fully adjustable with a sliding clasp.


Marigold Chain Necklaces come in one size only and are not adjustable.

Measure your existing necklace

If you already have a necklace whose length you like, you can measure it to help determine which size to choose. There are two ways to measure a necklace.

You'll need: Tape measure or ruler A necklace you like

Option 1:

Measure Full Length

Lay the necklace down on a flat surface in a straight line. Measure it from one end of the clasp to the other and note down the length.

Option 2:

Measure When Closed

With the necklace clasp closed, lay it down on a flat surface and measure its length from end to end. Next, double that measurement and note it down.