Fine Jewelry for everyday.

From now on, it's not an imagination that you can put on fine jewelry on every single day from Marigold. And committed to sustainability from the ground up. From recycled packaging, fibers, and even earth-inspired prints.

We're proud of what we do

“We believe in two things: the pursuit of quality in everything we do and looking after one another. Everything else should take care of itself.”

Ethically Sourced

Fair Pricing

Elaborate Craftmanship

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Elaborate Craftmanship
Elaborate Craftmanship
By working with the best factory partnerships in the center of the world, we cut traditional mark-ups and offer honest pricing, bringing you the highest quality pieces.
— Moulding & Polish
Elaborate Craftmanship
We treat each piece as inheritance, we believe not only luxury items but also every single valued piece is worth to keep for generation by generation.
— Gemstone Pave