The World of Marigold


"Marigold Fine Jewelry" was founded in Hong Kong by a highly experienced goldsmith with over twenty years of experience and a jeweler well versed in supplying wholesale customers with inspired designs.  

Since 2012, Marigold has manufactured and exported their exquisite jewelry across the world.  

By combining one party’s manufacturing expertise with the other party’s business acumen, Marigold is able to deliver the highest quality products at an attractive price.   


Marigold only uses high quality and durable materials to create products that are both beautiful and long-lasting.  

We are committed to using 100% responsible and traceable gold supply chains.  

To further those efforts, we work with the best factories in the center of the world.   


Marigold is committed to providing the best quality product at an affordable price.  

Our prices reflect the fact that we do not take shortcuts in making the highest quality goods for our market segment.  

Full cut vs. Single cut

The perceived quality of a diamond can be greatly affected by the way the diamond is cut, single-cut or full-cut.  Full-cut diamonds are round stones having 57 or 58 facets, while single-cut diamonds often have 17 facets in total.  The light refraction in full cut diamonds is much greater due to the larger number of facets.  This means single cut diamonds are less brilliant and fiery.  

Though there are many factors that go into deciding how to cut a diamond, single-cut diamonds tend to be cheaper than full-cut diamonds.  Single-cut diamonds are less expensive than full-cut stones because fewer facets lead to reduced manufacturing time, labor, and resources used.  

Marigold only uses natural full-cut diamonds, reflecting the quality of the materials used in our products.

A passable work

A detailed work

Detail Oriented

Marigold takes special care to painstakingly examine every piece of jewelry to ensure that no detail is missed.  

Our goal is to make customer satisfaction our number one priority.  

Customer Focused

Marigold encourages customers to learn more about our business and products.  

We introduce jewelry related tips every month from our website, where you can read more about the latest news and upcoming products.  

We look forward to meeting new clientele, and hope that our customers will grow with us together.